Monday, October 12, 2015

Instagram has become my blog over the last few months - full of words and photos and words. Search Instagram: #alexandrahanleypielech
There they are - Photos and Words. My photos and words.

I am about halfway through writing my book. Finding time is harder, but I refuse to lose momentum all together. Even if I am the only one who ever reads it or finds worth in it... that will be enough.

School. I went back to school again. I took a class over the summer - Holistic Approaches to Healing - which was a nice way to ease back in.  This semester - Liberation Math. I am aware of how foreign and strange it sounds, but I really like it. There is analysis of ones relationship with math, reading of articles about math and race/math and gender/math education/ and the like, actual math problems. Completely different approach to math. Taking a class a semester, I should finish by Summer 2017. I think it is neat that my children will be there to see me graduate. There are so many ways to navigate life and I want them to know that not only by my words, but by my actions. Tread your own path. Be always growing and learning.

Benjamin will be two in 11 days. He is so quick to laugh, full of energy, lovey buggy, in awe of his big sister, determined, independent... Adored.

Abigail is 4.5 and in pre-k. So smart. So social. So thoughtful. So kind. So creative. So loved. There have been a lot of transitions and sickness and a wedding and Brad traveling for work since she started school and I think that it has made things more challenging so far this school year. We will get our feet under us yet.

I've been spending more one-on-one time with her (above: us on a walk with the dog today) and setting up times to play with her school friends outside of school, in an effort to help her along.

We went to a farm for some Fall Fun today. My feet on the hayride mirror how I have been feeling lately. Partly completely out there moving ahead while also partly reserved, turning inward, finding comfort in myself. Even the shoes - lace - covering up but full of spaces... to let the light in...

I leave you with a few recent photos of Fall in New England and one of me...wearing a scarf... which makes it fall-ish, right?