Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Abigail is 4!

Abigail turned 4 on Saturday.
I had been in the ER with Benjamin the night before. It turns out he has pneumonia. I got home with him at 2:30 a.m. and Abigail was up at 6:30. We did presents, went to the Dr., played with some of her new things, and had cake at dinner time. Usually it is cake for breakfast on your birthday, but the ER visit broke that tradition this year.

Sunday we celebrated with a few of her friends at a local children's bookstore. Great fun!

Today I am going to school with her and spending the day. I will read a story to the children. We are bringing snack, too.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Today I left my children with my father and went out on a fact finding mission. I am looking into an opportunity for self-care and self-improvement.
I left later than I wanted to, there was unexpected traffic, the parking garage was nearly full, I just missed the subway train and had to wait for the next one...
Still, I kept going.
I called the person who was waiting for me and she was still willing to meet.
I was apologetic and grateful.

On the drive home I was thinking over the meeting and whether I want to pursue the opportunity. Then I saw this cement mixer in front of me:
It says ADVANCE.

I take it as a sign. I will be advancing.
No more being stuck in cement. Everything is moving around and around.

I am ready.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

This moment...

"This moment..." is a writing prompt from Writing Down the Bones 

A couple of nights ago, I used this prompt and ended up writing a full three pages.

Three favorite lines in those three pages:

It feels like the hum of the refrigerator sounds.

Memory tugs on me, picking at me like a loose thread... I imagine a different life with all of my possessions fitting neatly into one backpack ready to take me away on a whim.

...writing side by side... our brilliance floating in the air like magic pixie dust, the best bits landing on the page.

I am just so thrilled to be practicing writing again.

Pneumonia and Susannah

Good Morning!
Yesterday I took Abigail to the doctor yesterday for the third time in a week and learned that she has pneumonia, as I have suspected all along. Benjamin started coughing this morning. An invitation from the universe to slow down I suppose.

Speaking of invitations, Susannah Conway is hosting an April Love photo challenge. I  am grateful for this as I am renewing this blogging habit. If you would like to join, too: www.susannahconway.com
If you are visitimg my blog from Susannah's page, Welcome! Nice to have you here.

Abigail is requesting a "nose blow." Tata for now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Yes, we are celebrating the day of his death, but you know...

Lunch at our house was boiled carrots, cabbage, and onions with mashed potatoes.
Yes, boiled dinner is not actually Irish, but what the heck!
Clean plates.

After the rain this morning, the luck of the Irish shines upon us and uncovers some green in the front yard.

May the wind be always at your back.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Nearly 2 Years Later

Hello, Blog. Hello, Blog Friends.

In this moment...
I've been living in the new house for nearly two years.
Abigail is mere days away from turning 4 years old.
Benjamin is mere days away from turning 17 months old.
Boston has just passed the greatest all-time snowfall record for the city ever.
I am ready for Spring and new beginnings.

I find myself here on the blog beginning again at the urging of the writer inside me and the gentle encouragement of my good friend Irma.

I am currently simultaneously reading a book on habits and re-reading Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.  A fitting combination for me, a person trying to get back to the practices of me-ness in the midst of raising 2 beautiful, incredible little people.
Here's to getting back in the habit of blogging and writing.

I have been listening to a soulful musician named James Bay. He is a British singer-songwriter who cuts me to the core. I am going to his gig in Boston in April and couldn't be more excited!

Oh, and Pierce is keeping me company right now.
He just turned 6 in February.
Me, right now. Early morning selfie. 5:58 a.m.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Life is moving along quickly these days. It is June and I can hardly believe it.

We sold our house and the new owners are all moved in.

We are living in a 450 square foot apartment in Arlington, MA. We found it on airbnb.com when we found out we would need somewhere to live for 20 days between closing on our old house and closing on our new house.

In 2 days we close on our new house in Waltham, MA.

In 3 days all of our stuff arrives with the movers who have been holding it in storage for us.

In October we will welcome a new baby into our new house.

I am so excited to get into our new house and make it our own.
"A Robin feathering her nest has very little time to rest..."

We really love the little neighborhood we are moving into. It is one of those neighborhoods that doesn't have any "cut-through" streets which means no one really comes in unless they live there or are visiting someone who lives there. We can walk to a newly renovated (last year) public pool and there are 2 neighborhood playgrounds. The neighborhood has lots of little events that go on throughout the year like 4th of July Parade and Picnic, Halloween Parade, and neighborhood yard sale. We hope to get to know a lot of our neighbors and really feel part of the community.

My husband and I are day dreaming about all of the improvements we can make to the house inside and out. I have grand visions for the yard while he is more focused on the interior.

Our backyard is fenced, but I would really like to fence in our front yard too and put some seating out there. Abigail loves to be outside and with the new baby coming I would like to have two safe places to let her roam.

I can't wait to set up the new baby's room! I have been planning things out a little bit in terms of "theme" and where whatever furniture we eventually purchase will go, but haven't been able to do much beyond that. Once we are in the new house I will be able to pull out the cloth diapers and itsy bitsy gender neutral baby clothes, etc. Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

I am also thrilled to have our living area downstairs and sleeping area upstairs. Abigail is really sensitive to sound when she sleeps which limits what I can accomplish while she naps. The separate space is going to be a life changer.

Then there are the two bathrooms (one on each level) and the finished attic and the back deck and the possibility of a crafting/writing area where I can spread out and have some creative time to myself...

So very thankful and excited!!!!