Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two New Jobs

Yes, I have not one but two new jobs.

I am now working at a small local pet supply store 2 days a week.  The store strives to provide quality pet supplies at affordable prices.  It is five minutes away and Pierce the Puppy gets to come to work with me.

3 days a week, I assist a pet physical therapist who has a very busy practice.  She does pet physical therapy on land and in the pool.  Some dogs come just to use the pool, to get more comfortable in the water, and/or for really good low-impact exercise.  The facility is also five minutes from home which allows me to go home at lunch time and take Pierce out. 

I love the commute, the fact that I now work for local businesses, the set schedule (Fridays and Sundays off), the steady income, and working with animals.

Feeling really thankful <3

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