Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Every once in awhile the children spy something in the hidden crevices of our house. Today they saw a piece of our foam ABC floor mat under the radiator. It was an edge piece that they haven't missed, but they were suddenly desperate for me to rescue it. I went to the hall closet for a coat hanger to ease the piece out. Down on my belly on the floor, patiently coaxing the children to give me some space, I pulled out what I thought was the edge, but was in fact the one piece we have been seeking for months - the S. I was stunned. Then I rescued the edge piece that the children had originally spied.

I found the Path of Life bracelet and now the S. All is not lost. In time the pieces come back together in unfathomable configurations at the most unexpected times. Just move the 'unmovable' and explore the unseeable.

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