Friday, January 18, 2013


This new year has new things in store for me.

My word for the year is Release.
It has already taken over.
I have bagged and boxed up so much stuff to give away. It will be picked up on January 22.
I have joined a gym and am releasing energy and my cozy cocoon of chubalub there.
I have had a lot on my mind, but have begun writing down these worries and placing them in my "God Box" knowing and believing that God will take care of these things for me.
Every morning I write down three things that I am grateful for.

I am struggling with the Releasing of my creative energies through writing and crafting if only for 5 minutes a day.  I came upon some awesome downloadable software for only $40 called Scrivener. I think it will be a wise investment for my writing. If I have everything I need contained in one place the whole process seems less overwhelming somehow.

I feel like I need a space for crafting, but space is something that we are lacking in our current home. I have not yet figured out how to create this space in the current confines. Maybe I will find it by giving away more stuff and convincing my husband to do the same. Maybe a fold out table/desk in the kitchen?  Maybe an armoire for the laundry area that could double as a crafting space? I trust that a solution will come to me.

I am open to ideas and possibilities.

With Love


“Learning without thought is labor lost; and thought without learning is perilous.” - Confucious