Friday, March 27, 2015

Dreaming Awake

I have been in a dreamy state all day. I have been thinking about someone whom I have not seen in sometime. I have been sifting through the moments and the memories. The sensory effects of being near to this person are still fresh.
I have been feeling meloncholy, too. Musing on what might have happened differently had I said something when the moment arose, kept walking a bit longer, listened instead of speaking.
My whole life (though the one I have is rather lovely) would have been different had either of us spoken up. I have a sense that all is as it should be though, and, in time, our paths shall cross again and take us forward together as we are meant, as partners in one pursuit or all.
I recognize that this is all rather cryptic, but I know and I need to write this for me. I saw this person move across the screen of my phone today. I heard this persons voice.  I felt my visceral response to their artifical nearness. My soul spoke to me.
I believe that this person and I have known each other before.
We have walked the sands of Egypt.
We have swum in the grassy seas of Ireland.
We have run with the bulls in Barcelona.
We have slept in a house boat on the canals of Amsterdam.
We have lived on baguettes and croissants in Paris.
We have wandered the winding streets of distant cities.
We will again.

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