Saturday, March 28, 2015

Living in Two Worlds

I am living in two worlds.

In one world I am wife and mother.
I am tender to all needs. I am cleaner of all things. I am driver to all places. I am picker-upper of all messes. I am fulfiller of responsibilities.

In the other world I am wielder of the pen through which all things flow. I am crafter of people and places and things and ideas and...
Life. I am using my gifts and talents. I am myself. Just me.

The more I write the more I long to have more time there, in that world, being myself. It is very difficult to disengage even after I put the pen down and step away from the page. I feel and hear ideas and characters pulling at me, willing me to come back. Most often it needs to wait, but it is not easy living in two worlds that both seem in deperate need of me nearly constantly.

I have a little notebook that I jot things down in during the day and that helps some. Any writers out there with tips and ideas for living in two worlds?

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