Saturday, May 16, 2015

I've been writing

I have been working hard on a series of short stories. So, again, the blog has gone to the wayside.
A little something I wrote for fun just warming up the other day:
I see him and I love him through and through
I have always known him
We are here to come together
Together we are something greater
Greater than the sum of all parts
Parts that create something never before seen
Seen our power is invisible but palpable
Palpable and moldable like putty
Putty we hold between us, an orb in our hands
Hands manipulating and moving through
Through time and space and obstacles
Obstacles we face are great but not insurmountable
Insurmountable odds are something we have surpassed
Surpassed by coming together over and over
Over land and oceans and planes and time
Time - we will have what we need of it in this life and more of it next time
Over and over
More time and more time
Each time we reunite
Reunite until we have a full lifetime
A lifetime to work out what we need to workout - to learn what we need to learn
We are inexhaustible - indefatigable - without end

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