Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Play Ball!

My husband won tickets to last night's Red Sox game from his company.  We have been to many a Red Sox game during our 9 years and going strong relationship, but we have never sat in the State Street Pavilion section of the ballpark.

Walking up the ramps to the Pavilion, I gasped at the gorgeous views of the city.

Once in the seats, we really enjoyed the unique perspective from which we were able to watch the game.

 You can still see part of the opening day paint behind home plate.

The City and Citgo behind The Monster.

We were flanked by the new Cumberland Farms sign on the right...

and the Press Box (with Championship Pennants) on the left.

Later in the game, around the 5th or 6th inning, one of husband's co-workers let us know there were a couple seats open next to him in the third row of the Pavilion seats.

We headed down and I took a few more shots:
 John Lester

"Opening Day", home plate, Ump, and Ortiz

Happy Husband

All in all an excellent night, even though the Sox lost.  I'm so grateful for the experience.


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