Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Therapy

Recently, my sister-in-law, Melissa, has been coming over for dinner and conversations and energy healing and soul searching and the like... basically, love.

Next month, Melissa graduates from college with a degree in Art Therapy and all kinds of awesome concentrations and minors.  Last Thursday, we did a little art therapy together.  Her basic advice was to just put the chosen art tool to the paper and see what flows out.  "There is no 'wrong' way."

I found it amazingly freeing and felt deeply relaxed and clear when we were done.  I have a sense that the art that comes out of it isn't the point of the exercise... getting the feelings out is ..., but I'll share anyhow.

Several times since, I have had moments where I feel the need to put colored pencil to paper and have taken a moment to do so and felt so much better for it. 

Give it a try!

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