Monday, June 21, 2010

21 or 22 on island from Make Way for Ducklings

Found this photo today.  My husband took it of me and I had forgotten all about it and about this day.  On our way to our Valentines lunch at Pho Pasteur on Newbury Street (no longer there), we were walking through the Public Garden.  It was February and the pond where the Swanboats float in the summer, was frozen.  In an act of spontaneity, we "ice skated" in our shoes and slipped and slid to the island in the middle where it is said Mr. and Mrs. Mallard nested with their babies.  It was just beautiful and fun and freeing.  I look so easy and breezy.  Even in my hat, I look pretty and peaceful.  Just love this photo and had to share.

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