Friday, June 15, 2012


I noticed that I have been taking lots of photos of the ground lately.
I've been more aware of the beauty below.
There are lots of little things that I've been unintentionally missing.

There is a whole world below our feet.
There are tiny miraculous things growing.
There are ants marching and worms plowing and fertilizing.
There are rocks of many colors slowly turning to sand.

I feel mentally and emotionally grounded.

It is an unfamiliar feeling.

I have always been a head in the clouds type.
One who thrives on spontaneity and change.
The person who had moved 13 times in 31 years.
The person who has been a babysitter, a Library Page, a student (several different times at different schools), a Legal Secretary (4 different firms), and a nanny (to 4 different families).
I make things up as I go along.
Some might say, as Megan's mother said of Megan on the season finale of Mad Men, that I have the disposition of an artist without actually being one.
Some times I miss the freedom of doing what I like when I like and then...

Then there are the little moments with a certain little person who makes my heart soar while my feet are planted solidly on the ground and my soul is still set solidly in my body.
The other day I looked down as I slid into the drivers seat.  There were the yellow shorts I've had since the summer I became pregnant that suddenly fit again. There was my red purse that I've carried for years and is now caressed by tiny fingers on a regular basis. Attached to that purse was a blue baseball cap that belongs to the toddler with whom I spend my days.

I am still prone to flights of fancy, but there is something to being more grounded and more aware of exactly where I am and who I am. The awareness of everything around, above and below me keeps me in the here and now. There is nowhere that I would rather be.


“Learning without thought is labor lost; and thought without learning is perilous.” - Confucious