Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peace and Time

This morning our 1st non-family babysitter came to care for Abigail for a few hours.
I hid in the bedroom and got some much neglected projects done and still have 10 free minutes to blog.
I didn't know just how much I needed this peaceful time to do things for and by myself.
I love Abigail and love being her mom.
I am just now beginning to understand that leaving her in the care of a competent, experienced loving caretaker is not selfish or neglectful on my part.
In a few minutes I will take her in my arms and give her lots of kisses.
I will feel refreshed and ready to take on the day with her.
She will be happy to see me and tell me all about the fun she had with Sam.
All will be well.


  1. You sound like me. Tuesday the 5th was the very first time since Olivia was born that we got a sitter that was non-family/friends to watch the kids for us. She seems to really fit our family. A soon to be high school graduate that is going to college to study early education. Its a perfect opportunity for Jason and I to take advantage to spending some QT together and the kids to have someone else to play and hang out with that isn't him or myself day in and day out. Though her first time baby sitting was for a doctors appt. she is coming next Friday so we can go out on a date. We are hoping to use her more this summer as we are selling our house and need some time to sort through and organize everything. Glad you were able to find someone!! She is getting to be a very beautiful young lady.

  2. Thanks, Kiley!
    I am so glad that you and Jason are going on a date!!!! Brad and I find dates very helpful and quite important to maintaining our loving relationship.
    Here's hoping your new sitter works out :-) and good luck with selling your house. I know that it is a big undertaking.

    1. Thanks Alex! We have had our house up for sale since December. But sadly, no one really wants to move to Johnston. Can't say I blame them. Terrible school system, horrible town council, THE DUMP! Really, need I say more. So with a lot of discussion between Jason and I, we have decided that its in our best interest, as well as the kids, to short sale and move. We of course will loose everything we put into the house. But in the long run, staying here is killing us. No one is happy. The house is too small. And the biggest of them all. We are all tired of the back and forth commute from Attleboro, Cumberland area. It adds up in gas and time. We are hoping soon we will be able to move. Working on buying a house and settling down in Lincoln. Hoping it will be sooner then later. At almost 5 months pregnant. I do not want to move when my energy level is non-existent. Time will tell. But my patience is wearing thin.

      I am excited. Though money is tight right now. Jason and I just need some "one-on-one" time. The stress of the last year has caught up to both of us. We cannot really rely on family so it was time for us to find someone. Thank heavens she is going to college close by. So I wont be abandoned anytime soon at least. Happy Monday.


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