Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Watch me try to fit myself into a dress that I haven't worn in about 5 years.

Guess what, it doesn't fit.

I love this dress, but it doesn't fit.
I have fond memories of places I wore this dress.
I remember all of the people this dress has met.
This dress does not fit me anymore.  It does not fit me physically or represent me emotional or spiritually.
It is meant for a different girl (or boy... no judgment).  I will be giving it away, letting it go.

It pulls at me.
It squeezes me tight, not wanting to let go.
I pry the zipper down and send it on its next journey, without me.

In letting go of this dress, I am letting go of the past.

This is one step toward releasing all of the parts of my life that no longer fit, no longer serve me...
and vice versa.

To living in the moment and becoming more of who we are!  Bon Voyage, Silver Dress!

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  1. i absolutely love this! i needed to hear it too. i have a closet and a home full of things that need to move on. thanks for the encouragement!


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