Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warming Up

I have signed up for Susannah Conway's "Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself" e-course which starts on May 24th.  I am not quite sure what to expect, but I know somehow that it will be extraordinary.

The course is photography and journalling based.  My writing is stronger than my photography.  Yesterday I decided to dust off the camera in an effort to begin warming up for the course.

Instead of running my normal route, I walked it to see what normally passes in a blur.

Bleeding Hearts in the Front Yard

I often forget how closely together natural and man-made things co-exist.

Gardens and Neighbors

I run down a little path every day and don't even look at what is on either side of me.  I never noticed the garden or the skyline.
 Luscious Moss

 I just wanted to lay down in this soft bed of moss beneath the shady tree..

All That Glitters

I snapped this while running over a bridge.  Usually I am paying attention to my running pace, fellow pedestrians, and the traffic to my left.  This photo reminds me to look both ways when crossing the bridge.


This is a bench I always pass.  I just love the light and the curves and the lines and the niches that indicate a life well lived.


I always notice the statue of the Madonna in this yard, but never caught the reflection in the old window.


I wonder how this tree came to grow this way. Maybe something was wrapped tightly around the tree and the tree healed over it?  Beautiful.


Delicate strength.  Miniature boldness.  Light support.  Abundance.  I invite all into my life.

These are just eight of the literally hundreds of images I took yesterday.  There is so much to see if your looking for it. Every day miracles.

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